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June 29, 2011

It's been a while since I posted some of the awesome J-ism's... for instance, his usage of tense is just f'ing fabulous.

Do/Does = Doos
Told = Teld

And then there are the annoying questions that never end. I know... I know... he's a toddler, they ask a lot of questions but COME ON!

Example: We are in the car listening to music...

J: Mommy, what's their name singing?
Me: Rihanna
J: What does she doos?
Me: Sings
J: Why?
Me: She likes to
J: Why does she like it?
Me: Because she is a good singer.
J: Why is she a good singer?

Do you see the insane pattern here?? It literally doesn't end. It's constant and forget it if you tell him "shhhh" or "be quiet"
J: Why should I be quiet?
Me: Because the baby is sleeping.
J: But why did you teld me that?
Me: Shhhhh!
J: Why are you telling me shhhhh?
Me: (sigh... FML)


Ayana said...

LOL! "Why did you teld me that?" Too funny!

Alyson Roth said...

Ooooh how cute! He's in the "Why" stage! LOL! I can see how it'd be cute, however, to an extent. Maybe you should start making up answers and see if he responds to those! Haha!

Sooooo happy that you're blogging again! Your writing is as if you're telling it in person. :)

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