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July 9, 2011

J and N are finally starting to play together. The other day they were in J's play kitchen making "food" and hiding out from the pirates (not sure how those two go together). N of course had no idea what was going on. He just would scream and laugh every time J said something to him. And every time N would walk away, J would take his hand and say "come on buddy... the bad guys are coming. You have to come to the tunnel of love." (I don't get that part either, but whatevs).

Today we were getting ready to run some errands and N had taken his shoes off. When I came in the living room, I saw J lovingly putting N's shoes back on and then helping him up from the floor. Then later in the car, N was crying and J started making animal noises to make his brother laugh. It's so cute seeing their innate bond. Everything J does, N is right behind him, wanting to do what he does and J has gotten really good at taking care of his baby brother (when he's not trying to kill him). These are the moments I love about having two kids close in age. It's a nice balance to all the fighting and annoying stuff they normally do.


Alyson Roth said...

Haha! The "tunnel of love"??!?! That is the funniest thing ever, especially coupling it with the pirate theme they had going!

Such sweet boys, you have. Obvious reflection of their parents. :)

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