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July 6, 2011

The Outler clan just got back from 5 days at the beach. It was nice to be away for a few days but seriously... WHY do Ant and I even bother with "vacation" with two toddlers? I mean, is it really a vacation or are we just changing the location of our chaos and spending LOTS of money in the process only to be yelled at the entire time -- "No!"... "I don't like you!"... "I want it NOW"... "Is it the beach yet?" -- lawd' a mercy... you get the picture. The fun doesn't start there, however. It begins with the packing of all their sh#$ and all the extra stuff you have to bring 'just in case' - you know, the stuff they probably won't even use. Then there are the endless amounts of snacks you have to bring for the 6-hour car ride, just in case you brought grapes and they wanted cheese and that just sets off a sh#$ storm. So, you bring anything you can imagine they "might" want. We finally made it to our destination (note: 8 hours later because the hubby HAD to use his GPS that told us the longest way ever and we ended up stuck in traffic) and by then, it was pretty much dinner and bed time and that set J off because he wanted to go swimming. The fun had already begun. We actually ended up having a good time (you know, as good of a time as you can have with two small children). J loved the beach and especially the pool and N ate enough sand that if he took a dump now, we'd have a nice sand box to fill at home.

Going on this road trip was a little nostalgic for me though because for one, it was our first vacation as a family and two, it brought back memories of when my family and I used to go to the beach when I was little. It would be all my siblings and usually my cousins and their family and we'd all pile in a mini van and the whole drive would pretty much be an eating fest. There were no IPODS, smart phones, or dvd's to watch in the car. My mom would bring tons of FOB (Fresh Off The Boat) style food items -- sunflower seeds for my dad to keep him busy at the wheel so he wouldn't fall asleep, feta with herbs and tomatoes in bread, boiled eggs (the stench was not fun), fruit, etc. My mother would literally pass food to the back the whole ride down. And when she was driving, dad would be sitting in the passenger seat with his guitar... dinga dinga dinga... the whole ride down. We'd all be suicidal in the back. Then we'd arrive at the condo (and we always stayed in a condo because there were just WAY too many of us to go out to eat), we'd go grocery shopping and mom would cook the entire vacation (poor mom, she'd slave away for her family at home and even on vacation). She'd bring basmati rice and saffron with her and she'd make persian rice dishes with chicken and fish. It made me think of her on this vacation when I was in the condo making a persian rice dish for my boys. I can't believe how things come full circle.

I am really looking forward to making memories for my boys like my parents did for us.

Some pics from the trip:

This was his time-out for trying to run into the street when we were trying to pack the car


Steph said...

That last picture is soooo precious!!! I'm sure those family vacays will get much easier as you get uses to preparing for them.

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